Our commitments

decomatic directs every day its decisions, actions and projects based on medium-term and long-term objectives and vision. This is concretely translated into commitments.


 sustainable commitmentOur Sustainable Development commitment –  Corporate Social Responsibility

In line with its objectives in terms of customer satisfaction, respect for the environment and sustainability of the company, the decomatic’s philosophy has always been : to ensure within the company safety and well-being of its employees, and irreproachable ethics combined with civic commitment externally.

These elements constitute what is known as sustainable development, and which quite simply corresponds to the culture of decomatic since 1956. This strong commitment was recognized by AFNOR Certification in September 2018, by assigning the status confirmed in the process “Committed to CSR”.


green leaves reflecting in the water, shallow focus

 Our environmental commitment

For many years, we have taken environmental aspects into consideration in our manufacturing processes. A commitment traduces since 1998 by the ISO 14001 certification. What we undertake in this field goes far beyond the certification…


quality commitments

Our Quality commitment

Our quality management system was certified ISO 9002 in 1996,  then ISO 9001 since 2001. There are two objectives : Customer Satisfaction and Continuous Improvement.