Environmental commitment

Environmental commitment

Decomatic takes into account environmental aspects: firstly, by controlling of its process, leading to  ISO 14001 certification since 1998, then by following a CSR initiative (Corporate Social Responsibility). It is important to note that decomatic was the 131st French company to be certified  with ISO 14001 by AFAQ.

Decomatic emphasised its environmental commitment by carrying out its carbon balance in 2009.
Carbon balance is a method for calculating greenhouse gas emissions. It provides a good evaluation of direct emissions and the ones induced by our activity.
This balance participates in the quantified assessment of our ecological footprint.



Imprim’Vert Rhône-Alpes is an operation settled by the Chamber of Trade and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in partnership with the Employers’ Association of the Printing Works and the Graphic Communication, the Regional Council of Rhône-Alpes and the ADEME institute.

It consists on identifying printers with a good management of special industrial waste, which do not use CMR product (carcinogen, mutagen,reprotoxic), making sure that these components are valued or eliminated in approved centers.

Since September 1998, Décomatic has been certified ISO 14001, Environmental Management.

certificat 2019 ISO 9001-14001

ISO 14001 international standard specifies the requirements for an Environmental Management System (E.M.S.) taking into account legislative requirements and information about significant environmental impacts