Envelopes and security bags

Secure sending is done through an appropriate packaging . A secure envelope is both a guarantee of security and a positive image for your company. Decomatic , security packaging specialist, offers secure enclosures for different applications.

Products key points

  • Mail usage
  • Dynamic and inventive communication support enhancing your brand name
  • Durability and waterproofness
  • Lightness, confidentiality
  • Secure transport and storage use
  • Visual alert of any opening attempt
  • Identification of contents (cash, samples…)
  • Sending and receiving mail traceability



Materials :

Opaque coextruded polyethylene (black interior,  white exterior)

Transparent polyethylene with possibilies of writing areas or transparent windows

High-resistance transparent polyethylene (cash logistic)

Printing :

Up to 8 colours

Lines or four-colours process

Closure :

Permanent or removable adhesive

Wide hot-melt adhesive with security perforated lines

High-security device adhesive (any opening attempt is evident, should it be by tearing, cold, heat or solvents)

Special coating or ink for security

Development :

Traceability (RFID)

 Welding :

Flat weld

Wide (with security frieze) weld

Thin weld


Optional features :

Easy opening

Multiples bar codes

Removable counterfoils



Carry handles

Voucher application (2 or 3 leaflets)

Additional pouches

Security micro-printing


Polyethylene envelopes

Since 1986, DECOMATIC SA is manufacturing and supplying polyethylene envelopes. These envelope or bag is a quality polyethylene packaging that also offers a dynamic and original communication medium. Known for its robustness and waterproof, polyethylene is ideal for archiving and transport. Lightweight and confidential, these tires also allow traceability secure shipments.