Bags for PTT System


Bags  for PTT System : efficience and security of your systems

Fruits of many years of experiences, our bags for pneumatic tube systems have been improved over the years, thanks to listening to our users, and working closely with hospitals and pneumatic systems installers.

Now, we are able to offer a complete range of bags that can be used in all systems models, in suction as well as propulsion mode.

Resistant, our pneumatic transport bags protect the contents during transportation, and their easy opening allows access without tools.

Our bags, designed for biolocical samples’ transportation, are sent from departure stations, spread throughout the institution, to the laboratory.
The products are customisable (logo, instructions…) and can include a colour swath to allow the laboratory staff that receive the samples to identify at a glance the urgent shipments (for instance: red swath = urgent).

We have been developping a particular know-how in the PTT  transport system, which can be applied in various sectors :

Bags for valuables transport

With security adhesive, removable voucher, content identification…
Envelopes and bags are also available in compatible version for Axytrans transport systems.

Bags for samples transport and medical sampling

Very resistant, with an easy opening, they  ensure a secure transport of samples and facilitate the hospital staff’s work.

These bags are used in most standard systems, available from stock or customisable.




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