Secure recycled / bio-sourced envelopes

secure recycled bio-sourced envelopes

Secure recycled envelopes: The sustainable solution for secured mailing

In recycled material, these envelopes combine the security resistance capacities with respect to the opening attempts, and sustainable purchases.

The recycled decomatic bags and envelopes contributes to a better use of natural resources and to the consideration of the entire product life cycle. In addition, it has undeniable performance elements:

  • High strength adhesive, with visualization of any opening attempt
    Recycled PE material, moisture and puncture resistant
    Unbreakable envelope

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secure recycled bio-sourced envelopes

A bio-sourced envelope and printed with water-based inks

Whether in highly secure applications, in medical or banking environments, our range of envelopes and pouches are subject to continuous improvement in their production process and in the benefits to customers.
This includes special relationships with medical laboratories and innovations in the field of available materials. The pouch made from ethanol from sugar cane and printed with water based inks is a good example of the constant anticipation of customer needs.