Post mailing envelopes

Post mailing envelopes decomatic : enhance your mail and company’s images !

Through its protective qualities against tear, dust or moisture ahd the coextruded black / white polyethylene used in their manufacture, these envelopes greatly enhance the image of the mail it carries and the company it represents.

Decomatic offers mail envelopes with several options like clear windows, tear strip (handy, given the closing force!) and are customisable with a flexo printing up to 8 colours.

Discover declared values envelopes, plastic envelopes, secure mail envelopes…

Post mailing envelopes for mailing or archiving

Post mailing envelopes are made with opaque polyethylene, their high resistance against tear allows to withstand to transport hazards.

Especially developed for transport applications: the hot-melt permanent adhesive closure prevents from any opening, the blackinterior preserves the content’s confidentiality and the white exterior allows to specify the address of the recipient.

Durable, the envelopes can be used to archive files and documents. 

Our post mailing envelopes are entirely customisable, by printing your logo in one or more colours, in the desired size. It can includes an easy opening, to facilitate the opening for the recipient.


You can find  the envelopes that suit you the best in our wide selection of standard envelopes, available in stock in different sizes.