Tamper-evident envelopes

Securised and tamper-evident envelopes, efficient and confidential

Bringing together the characteristics and qualities of mail envelopes and cash transportation bags, confidential envelopes are characterized by high security devices (*) in relation to the sensitivity of the transported or stored documents.

(*) Adhesives, materials, welds, numbering.

SCELLE_JUDICIAIRE - Enveloppes sécurisées inviolables

The tamper-evident adhesive, the secured-printed welds and the unique identification number  ensure total integrity of your mailings.

These envelopes have the same characteristics as those used by financial institutions and some state departments, putting you away from any complaint from the recipient.
Discrete, our customers use them for sending confidential documents, instruments, spare parts. They correspond to the need for security and traceability asked for internal transportation or by express carrier.


Sealed judicial release

Our judicial sealed pouches, intended for technical and scientific police services, available as a gendarmerie or police release, have proven their effectiveness for collecting and preserving evidences.

Various applications are possible in Research, Justice, Police, Health, and Diplomacy sectors.


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