Bags for cash, bank deposite bags

bank deposite bags : envelopes for valuables and money transport

Our cash deposit bags, also known as locking bank bags or security deposit bags, are produced and distributed by decomatic in the banking industry for over 30 years under the PROTECTOR ® brand. They meet different user’s requirements :

  • Coin bags, transparent and resistant with or without handles,
  • Transparent bags for checks or bank notes,
  • Opaque secure envelopes for bills.

Money and valuable pouches: options according to your needs

Decomatic offers fully customized envelopes as needed : format, thickness, printing (logo, conditions of use …), but also standard models in stock, in our shop.

Specific applications are covered by very many options:
Multiple Tear-off receipts, individual bar codes, security devices, perforations, kangaroo pockets etc…

The money bag has several finish levels :

  • Bags for transporting cash, in transparent polyethylene that guarantee high resistance.
  • Plastic coin bags for metal coins, transparent and resistant
  • with and without handle that meet the diverse needs of the banking world for safe shipment.


Identification and tracking of deposits

To identify and follow deposits: Envelopes  with a bundle completely or partially sticked to one face. 

Decomatic also provides security mail envelopes or bags, with bundle stuck completely or partially on one side. These self-copying sets of 2 or 3 sheets are providing for receipts the different recipients, and incorporate elements of information about the content, origin and destination.
Our expertise allows us to offer customized bundles (format, print, barcodes, numbering, leaflets colours…) and their tech level allows automatic processing by deposit machines.

Envelopes protect against tears, dust or moisture thanks to the use of co extruded (black and white) polyethylene used. These envelopes strongly increase the image of mailing transported and of the company’s one. Decomatic offers customized envelopes that could include windows or easy-opening.


bank deposite bags