High security envelopes and bags


High security envelopes and bags : complete solutions for des solutions complètes  pour des envois sensibles

A security envelope is both a guarantee of security and a positive image of your company. Decomatic, security packaging specialist, provides you high security bags and envelopes for various uses: mail, bills, and cash.

Envelop for cash transfertOur safe envelopes and bags possess all the elements necessary to the inviolability and the traceability of your valuables and cash transport.

They are used by banks, money transporter, certification bodies, State departments…

Alternative transport systems : depending on our formats, these secure models of bags and pouches are approved by decree by the Ministry of the Interior, in pursuance of Decree No. 2000-376  on the substance of transport. Our exclusive smudge system has proven its effectiveness in Axytrans / Oberthur containers.

These bags and security bags are available with carbonless vouchers, which include information about content, origin and destination. Our expertise allows us to offer customized leaflets (format, printing, barcodes, numbering, leaflet colour …). Their technicality allows automatic processing by deposit machines.

Carbonless vouchers of 2 or 3 pages are  a receipt for each different recipient,  who has access to the different elements of information of content, origin and destination.


Security bags with Axytrans / S.Q.S agreement : specificities to ensure security

Cash transporters or their clients working with alternative solutions such as Axytrans or SQS, tending to make unsuccessful every attempt of aggression on conveyors, must use compatible secure envelopes.

For that reason, decomatic has developed different versions: with perforations or micro-perforations in order to optimize the performance of the system. These kits, available in a standard version (in stock) or customized, received the SQS and Axytrans approvals.
A carbonless voucher can also be stuck on the pouch, facilitating customer remittances, and improving traceability.



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