Neck tags labels


We serve our customers our multiple resources,  in printing and processing of flexible materials, to offer a very wide range of product opportunities, including a panel  of die-cut and neck tags labels.

Examples of application of these neck tags labels for marking, identification, traceability and communication.


How to enable a rich, visual and clear communication on industrial packaging such as metal or plastic drums?

This is the challenge that filled brilliantly ID-CLIP, a simple and flexible solution to identify, mark, communicate, and connect industrial packagingwith bung was.

ID’Clip respond effectively to the marking and communication needs of large containers:

– Regulatory Marking, ADR and CLP

– Efficient communication, with direct reading without manipulation

– Loyalty Programs

– Connection via Datamatrix, NFC or RFID

– Specific Forms and cuts …

Marking on bottled gas

The identification and regulatory marking on gas cylinders are made particularly difficult by climatic conditions. To meet the expectations of our customers we print on various plastic substrates, and adapt the cuts in specific forms plugs and connectors.

Providing innovative solutions is our logic, that’s what we offer various options:

  • Voucher
  •  QR code
  • enhanced mechanical strength …