News decomatic Are you familiar with the BS 5609 standard ?

Are you familiar with the BS 5609 standard ?

BS 5609 standard

The transport of hazardous chemicals is still the subject of much debate regarding the risks of spills and leaks into the environment. For this reason, strict transport regulations have been implemented. It contributes to the protection of health, safety and the environment and the BS 5609 standard is part of it.

IMDGWhat is BS5 609 ?

This British standard defines the test protocols for self-adhesive labels in the context of maritime transport. Its aim is to limit the risks to the environment and human health, by allowing sustainable product identification. Now, labels on chemical containers with hazardous product marking will have to carry the BS5609 approval.

But then, what are the particularities of this standard ?

It is one of the most intensive test protocols for printed labels. The labels must withstand extreme stresses simulating the hazards that a barrel of chemicals can experience: salt water immersion, prolonged exposure to sunlight, temperature change.

The BS5609 standard certifies that if a barrel of chemical products falls into the sea, for example, its label will resist various external aggressions for three months in order to be able to identify the contents of the barrel when it runs aground on land.

Is this certification mandatory for all chemicals ?

Yes, if the chemical in question has an adhesive label and is IMDG (National Maritime Dangerous Goods Code) certified, then the label must be approved to BS5609. Therefore, the use of BS5609 approved adhesive labels demonstrates resistance to attack and certifies the quality of the product.

GHS - BS 5609Does compliance with GHS rules imply BS5609 approval ?

No. The Chemical Labelling System only sets out the rules for the abbreviations that must appear on labels. However, in order to ensure that these signs and warnings remain visible on the label in any case, the GHS requires BS5609 approval.

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