news a High Quality printing for EPS boxes labels

a High Quality printing for EPS boxes labels


EPS boxes labels : The PSE (polystyrene) boxes decoration is often a complex operation, and until then was relatively limited in its possibilities.

This is no longer the case today thanks to the use of stretch sleeves as EPS boxes labels.

Rendering High quality for a reinforced brand image, and resistance in humid and saline environment (water resistance guaranty on 6 months with lamination) are two of the solutions that decomatic brings.

Various users, from seafood to fruits and vegetables, can now communicate extensively on the added value of their product.

Recyclability is also widely promoted, with an end-of-life decoupling of the product. The polyethylene of the stretchable sleeve is completely recyclable and leaves no residue on the PSE box (see in particular the recycling and recovery actions on

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