Offer and expertise

“The offer of decomatic is first of all about expertise”

At each stage of your project, we mobilise all our know-how, based on our DNA: a clear and rigorous process.


From the beginning of your project to the application, we put our expertise at your service. This is translated concretely into your product development in the following forms :

  • An analysis of needs, constraints and logistical flows, leading to the proposal of one or more models
  • Eco-product design as a leitmotivbtn_contact
  • A method department to offer customised samples and technical validation
  • An integrated prepress department to advise you on your decorations choice
  • An available commercial and technical team
  • Advices on the use and implementation (specific tools, machines, …)



In the packaging sector, ability to react and flexibility are essential. Decomatic made it parts of its offer, and of its commitments in terms of quality, environment and sustainable development.


The production line decomatic

btn_decouvrezTo meet these customers requirements, we rely on a highly integrated production organization.
We are able to handle the development of the product from the preparation phase of technical and graphic elements, to the delivery of the finished product.


We invite you to discover these key stages of the production process. We guide you  in our prepress department and allow you to lift part of the veil of the support’s printing step, and finally we will have an overview about the possibilities of converting that we can bring to you.




Our constant concern is the performance of our products for our customers.

We want to maximise our commercial and production efficiency in participating in the implementation to the end of the production chain.

In support of this notion of service, here are three application types:

  • Installation of sleeves – sleeving
  • Controlling and improving products according to your equipment
  • Our envelopes, pouches products are designed to be used with a variety of alternative transport systems (Axytrans). We have developed in-house skills to advise and guide you during your procedural changes
  • Inventory management and multiple deliveries