R&D - Innovation

The Research & Development division of Decomatic SA contributes to the development of new products and to the  improvement of manufacturing processes, through the use of new technologies.

Innovations and patents

The design of innovative and efficient models is at the centre of our objectives.

Here are few examples of specific product developments :


This type of stretch sleeve, multipages, allows a larger communication surface

  • Larger decorated surface thanks to leaflets (up to 200% more surface)
  • Easy sleeve application
  • Marketing, advertising and promotional campaigns through removable or fixed vouches
  • games, messages, recipes, notes, certificates, notices,
  • Conditions of use and regulatory documents
  • Special inks, perforations and repositionable adhesive allows to vary the presentation

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The pocket on the sleeve can carry all types of documents or accessorie. It ensures their protection and their holding to the container:

  • Customisation of each container’s content, by adding information (eg. Safety data sheets)
  • Simplification of your range : by reducing the number of “generic” label references

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A bio-sourced envelope – water-based printed

Whether in high-security applications, medical or banking sectors, our range of envelopes and bags are in continuous improvements in terms of production process and benefits for the customers. This is obtained by privileged relationships with medical laboratories and by innovations in materials. The envelope made with Sugar cane Ethanol and printed with water-based inks is a good example of anticipating customer’s needs.

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