Labelling and decoration sleeves

By adapting to the most complex shapes, the shrink sleeve enables a labelling and decoration surface on 360°, by four-color or in line printing, including up to 9 colours,  and can cover almost all the container.


Decoration and labelling sleeves

Decomatic offers an innovative range of shrink sleeves especially designed for labelling and highlighting complex shapes.

These models of sleeves / labels can cover part or the entire container and enable to re-design or to launch a product with maximum impact on the shelves. 

All our sleeves models for packaging are compatible with all containers, from plastic to metal through glass and polystyrene materials, and guarantee inviolability of your products.





 Sealing Labels – Inviolability

A shrink sleeve can be used as a sealing strip that allows you to detect any attempt to open the cover.

There are many possibilities of perforation to ensure  product tamper-evidence. These perforation options, like tirecell, are available by study of your needs.

Whatever is your need, our labelling solutions provide decoration and closure of primary packaging and promote recycling containers thanks to the absence of glue.


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We offer our customers a simple and efficient proposition to integrate shrink sleeves to their production. For more information, ask for a customised study.