Markets and uses

 There are several sectors of application for stretch sleeve labels :

Agrochem and specialty chemicals

decomatic’s stretch sleeve label answer to most of specialty products needs

  • Strength of materials, single or multilayers sleeve
  • Printing surface incomparable with alternative systems
  • Dedicated innovations, such as multipage Jumbo sleeve or Pocket sleeve
  • An application system adapted to difficult conditions
  • Applications on bottles, slums, or plastic and metal barrels

The applications, for basic chemistry or fine chemicals, detergents or agrochemicals products, have  a high level of regulatory requirement, clearly shared by decomatic.

For this type of application, the highly resistant solution is the laminated  sleeve.

  • Acidic or basic components
    Chlorinated products
    Prolonged immersion in sea water …

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Conditioned gas

Able to withstand important logistical constraints and prolonged outside storage,weather resistant, décomatic’s stretch sleeves are a relevant solution for marking and communicating on gas bottles.

The application without heat of the sleeve, particularly for hazardous areas, is an undeniable interest of a stretch sleeve on gas cylinders.

Sleeve’s specificities like high mechanical resistance, simple and flexible replacement and easy customisation make sleeve an efficient tool.
Today, this represents  a important differentiation factor and a powerful sales accelerator.

Food industry

Ensuring the dual function of decoration and closure, stretch sleeve ideally complete primary packaging as varied as crates, trays, blisters and other boxes.

A particularly effective use has been developed for years: on expanded polystyrene, for which the content valorisation through the decor was problematic.
There are  multiple uses in seafood , meat products or for fruit and vegetables sectors.

Imprisoning a lid on its packaging or two half-shells, stretch sleeve associates the qualities of inviolability, robustness and competitiveness with advanced design possibilities by four-color flexo printing to the whole surface.

Sleeves application can be done either horizontally or vertically.

Energy and lubricants

In the demanding energy and lubricants sectors, stretch sleeves allow a certain number of applications, with the following advantages : theyare robust, adaptable from 250 mL to 220 liters, and very communicative.

Since motor oil additive to technical lubricant barrel through the ADB canister, we can offer a wide range of innovations and applications.

The easy aplication is an undeniable asset for industrial products with a high productivity component.

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