LPG cylinders sleeve, labelling on gas bottles

How to easily differentiate a LPG cylinders with a large format, attractive, and very resistant design?

LPG cylinders sleeve

A LPG cylinders sleeve to your image :

  • Enhance your brand with a visual covering of  the entire bottle
    Communicate effectively on your products and features
    Retain your customers, communicating with each use of the bottle
    Animate your network with powerful, easy-to-use operations


How to apply it ? answers just below, with manual and automatic laying solutions

From the most easiest labelling solution to the more efficient, LPG cylinders sleeve are adapted to your business.






















Automatic installation – labelling

Laying rates, integration on the filling line, machine specifications, … Our expertise in the installation of sleeves allows us to support you in the installation of sleeve application machines. Specialized machine designers in France and in Europe can meet your needs, do not hesitate to consult us on the subject.

Applications adapted to your market

Whether it’s to increase your sales, to ensure regulatory compliance, or to improve the user experience of your customers, we have technical solutions

  • LPG, butane and propane cylinders
    Special and industrial gases (Nitrogen, CO², SO², …)
    Cooling gases (R404, R407, …)
    Medical gases (medical oxygen, R07, …)

Specifications for LPG cylinders sleeve

  • High strength PE sleeves, up to 200 microns
    Digital prints or flexography up to 9 colors for photo rendering
    Can be used in automatic machine (spools) or in manual laying (cutting in format)
    Installation possible in ATEX environment
    Integration of specific inks (UV, fluorescent, silver and glossy gold, matt effect …), and traceability options
    Flat welding capability
    Specific cutouts, document pockets, …Logo_PE

The stretchable sleeve is made of 100% recyclable polyethylene.

LPG cylinders sleeve also allows a simple separation of the labeling and the metallic container, in an industrial environment or at the end user, facilitating the recycling of the packaging into a suitable die, or its reuse