Stretch sleeves application by type of containers

Stretch sleeve can have various applications and is compatible with an extensive range of containers


Canisters and buckets labelling

From 100 mL to 60 Litres, almost all canisters can have a sleeve; decoration of all sides at once, option of clear window to read a graduation.
It is applicable to a wide variety of containers thanks to the protective coating or lamination, that  protects the printing against friction and runs.
The stretch sleeve can be affixed to a container by various technological processes (contact us to).

Regarding the bucket, the sleeve’s elasticity enables to label all around a slightly conic buckets without application, holding or deformation issue.
Customisation on request by sleeving releases the user from the expensive storage issue of pre-printed buckets.


Bottles labelling

Ideal for labelling bottles, a sleeve provides a 360 ° decoration surface. It facilitates the PET bottles’ recycling (absence of glue) and the cleaning of reusable returnable packaging.

Fast and easy application (high-speed machine up to 700 strokes / minute).



  Barrels labelling – Full body sleeves

Our extensive production capacities enable you to use stretch sleeves on plastic or metal barrel, up to 220 litres. We offer you the opportunity to communicate on a broad scale !

  • Adapts your packaging to your target markets
  • Strengthens your brand
  • Turns your barrel into a unique communication tool
  • Increases your flexibility and reduce your storage costs: 1 barrel, several possible decorations
  • Resistant to moisture and temperature fluctuations.



Cylinders labelling

A wide variety of containers, made with various materials, found their solution with stretch labelling sleeve, where humid conditions, special surfaces or dimensions don’t have importance.

This is especially the case with many applications on metal cylinders like LPG cylindersspecial gas, beer kegs, …



Grouping and particular aplications

Applied without sealing, heat, or bending, stretch sleeve is obviously the most practical and least expensive method to group two items or decorates a straight body.
The used PE film can be printed, transparent or opaque.

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