Sleeving - sleeves labelling

Manual, semi-automatic, or automatic application, a sleeving solution adapted to your production line

Whether stretch or shrink, we have at your disposal a range of technical solutions and services for the installation of your sleeves.
We are able to support you at different levels:

  • Technical advice on the selection of machines
  • Offering adapted labelling equipment
  • Sleeve application service

To better understand the options that we offer, here are the sleeving principles of each technology :

Stretch sleeving

Manual installation, with or without tools

Semi-automatic application

 Automatic application

Speed of application, integration on the filling line , machine specifications … Our expertise in the sleeve application field enables us to accompany our clients in the implementation of machines. Specialised designers of machines, in France and in Europe can meet your needs, do not hesitate to consult us on the subject.

Shrink sleeving

manual applicationManual installation without tool or automatic installation

Sleeving tunnelShrinking process

by heat, industrial blower (small series) or shrink tunnel (hot air or steam)


  SLEEVES LABELs – stretch and shrink sleeveS