Innovation through flexible packaging

décomatic S.A. – We are printing your ideas.

Based in La Verpillière (Isère), décomatic has been designing and producing innovative and high-performance flexible packaging models since 1956. Specialising in the fields of labelling and secure packaging, our company is now a major European player in the field of labels, sleeves and polyethylene envelopes.

Both manufacturer and supplier of labels, sleeves and flexible packaging, our company produces :

  • booklet labels and reel labels,
  • stretch sleeves,
  • shrink sleeves,
  • security bags
  • medical pouches
  • secure envelopes for mail, transport or archiving.

What do you require?

A key value: respect for the product, the customer and the teams

In all its products and services, décomatic implements its commitments (link to Our commitments page), which have been its DNA for many years:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Continuous improvement and innovation
  • Environmental protection
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

« We are convinced that the wealth of decomatic is due to men and women whose are part of the enterprise »

graphics staff

The decomatic s.a. team currently has 115 employees, including :

  • 20 engineers and managers
  • 20 technicians and supervisors
  • 60 employees and workers