The Stratus Packaging Group is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of printed labels.

With 460 employees and a turnover of 89.3 million euros, Stratus Packaging offers a full range of solutions for packaging your products:

  • Adhesive labels (booklet, peel-off coupons, multi-page, etc.),
  • Shrink sleeves,
  • Stretch sleeves,
  • Iml (In Mould Label).

By creating an industrial group with 7 manufacturing units in France, 1 subsidiary and 1 production site in Switzerland, the Stratus group has sought the most efficient organisational links while maintaining the identity and culture of each site. It is extending its product range, offering its customers one of the widest ranges of trim and service products on the market.

Restructuring by market: customised service and advice. Technique and know-how will always be essential assets in our markets. But what often makes the difference between two companies is the quality of the service and advice provided to the customer. It is precisely to strengthen our ability to provide the right response at the right time that we are restructuring our business by market.

4 markets = 4 identities

To differentiate each market, we have chosen to give them a strong visual identity, with a precise colour code. This means that our customers can immediately find their way around these specialised environments, created with them in mind.

For more information, visit the Stratus Packaging website.