R&D - Innovation

The Research & Development division of décomatic S.A. contributes to the development of new labelling products and the improvement of manufacturing processes through the use of new technologies.

R&D - Innovation

Label innovations and patents

The design of innovative and efficient models is at the heart of our objectives. Here are some examples of specific developments of innovative product labels:


Grâce aux volets additionnels, ce type de manchon étirable, multipages, offre une plus grande surface de communication (jusqu’à 200 % supplémentaire).

  • Ease of installation preserved,
  • Special inks, pre-cuts and repositionable adhesives to vary the presentation.

Its preferred uses:

  • Marketing, advertising or promotional operations on detachable or non-detachable coupons
  • Games, messages, recipes, notices, certificates, etc.
  • Conditions of use and regulatory documents

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Its Waterproof material makes it a foolproof label.

Its benefits:

  • Suitable for long outdoor storage
  • Possibility of extended contents compared to a standard label, with 3 additional pages.

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Our bags are bio-based and printed in water-based ink

Our ranges of envelopes and bags are subject to continuous improvement in their production process and evolve based on feedback from our customers. Highly secure, they are intended in particular for the medical and banking sectors.

Environmental and innovative watch
This notably involves privileged relationships with our customers, such as medical analysis laboratories, but also proposals for product developments towards more responsible materials. The bag – made from ethanol coming from sugar cane and printed in water-based ink – is a good example of our constant anticipation of customer needs.

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