Tear-resistant mailing envelopes

Tear-resistant mailing envelopes

Essential day in and day out and in every industry, the tear-resistant envelope ensures secure transportation and archiving of all your items and mail. Customize your shipping medium for a product that reflects your image.

Available in an eco-friendly version, the tear-proof mailer is made using bio-sourced materials for sustainable use.

Tear-resistant mailing envelopes for your daily mailings

For the confidentiality of your valuable mail or parcels, think of the decomatic tearproof envelope. Neutral, standard or personalized, it ensures safe transportation and protection of your objects and communications.

The tear-proof security envelope

Do not take any risks with your postal items, use the high quality decomatic postal envelope. It allows shipments to be traced from the point of departure to their destination for safe and tracking transit. Lightweight and confidential, it does not draw attention to the content and promotes the anonymity of the transport. Its characteristics make it an ideal support for transit in areas where security is paramount, such as medical or banking environments. In a process of continuous improvement, decomatic regularly offers new products and innovations, both in the choice of materials and in the levels of safety.

The tear-proof plastic envelope as a communication medium

Make the tear-proof envelope a communication medium. Customizable, it can take your image for a valued shipment. Create a cover that represents you.

Used several times a day, sent throughout France, essential for your business, the tear-proof plastic envelope combines all the assets to become a communication medium in its own right.

Visit our store to find out about standard pouches and their many dimensions. Choose the model that suits you best, transform it and use it.

Innovation: the eco-friendly tear-proof envelope

decomatic has been developing for several years an ecological alternative to the tear-proof plastic envelope: the recyclable envelope. We offer our customers envelopes in recycled or biobased P.E, made from sugar cane.

The high performance eco-friendly bag

  • Closes with a strong adhesive
  • Allows you to view any opening attempt
  • Is made from recycled P.E
  • Resists moisture and puncture
  • Do not tear

Highly efficient, the eco-responsible pouch is as resistant and secure as its plastic alternatives. It contributes to a better allocation of natural resources, from its manufacture to its recycling.

High security and enhancement of your structure: the tear-proof envelope has several advantages

The tear-resistant mailing envelope is sustainable

Used for transport or archiving, the secure pouch is the ideal packaging for taking care of your products. The tear-proof safety envelope is sturdy. It is resistant to:

  • Tear
  • Dust
  • Moisture

The envelope protects your shipments and ensures that they arrive safely.

The tear-proof envelope that is your reflection

All of our tear-proof envelopes can be adapted to your needs and uses. You can :

  • add zip pulls
  • choose a model with windows
  • personalise your product with an 8 colour flexo print
  • print your logo

Whether it is to transport your promotional products, your papers or your small parcels, prefer a secure envelope.


Incorporate NFC technology for better traceability of your shipments!

  • Connect envelopes and bags to your tracking system
  • Inform your customers every step of the way
  • Offer an interactive monitoring interface

decomatic creates a connected envelope for you, contact us to find out more.

The tear-proof envelope useful for transport and archiving

Made from a durable material, the mailing envelope holds itself in place throughout shipment, without deteriorating or tearing. Its advantages :

  • the robust lock prevents unintentional opening
  • the black interior ensures the confidentiality of the shipment
  • the white exterior is where the postal details are written

The strong, waterproof polyethylene from which tear-proof envelopes are made retains all its properties during mailing and archiving. In long-term storage, tear-proof envelopes remain as strong as ever.

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Our tear-proof envelope designs

decomatic has increased the number of recyclable coextruded polyethylene pouches. The models all have a black interior and a white exterior to make the address easier to read and keep content confidential.

Tear-proof envelope with frames

  • Material: Opaque satin polyethylene
  • Thickness: 80 microns or 100 microns
  • Frames: “Sender / Recipient”
  • Closure: highly adhesive hot-melt adhesive

Untearable neutral mail envelope

  • Material: opaque polyethylene
  • Thickness: 60 microns or 80 microns
  • Totally neutral
  • Closure: highly adhesive hot-melt adhesive
  • Opening pull tab

Recycled untearable envelope

The recycled material pouches are an integral part of our range of security pouches:

  • Secure: evidence of attempted break-in
  • Material: beige polyethylene (PE), 36% recycled
  • Printing: standard 1 colour (green)
  • Welds with security printing

Secure envelope with “content” frame

  • Material: Coextruded polyethylene satin opaque or high strength transparent
  • Thickness: 60 microns or 70 microns
  • Presentation: “Sender / Recipient” frames
  • Closure: high security adhesive to prevent mechanical, chemical or thermal tampering
  • Secure: safety side rails
  • Printing: numbering and barcodes
  • Detachable stub with unique number and barcode

Secure envelope with ‘sender / addressee’ frame

  • Material: co-extruded polyethylene satin opaque or high strength transparent
  • Thickness: 80 microns or 100 microns
  • Presentation: “Sender/Recipient” frames
  • Closure: high security adhesive to prevent mechanical, chemical or thermal tampering
  • Secure: safety side rails

Printing: numbering and barcodes

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