Applying sleeve packaging

Applying sleeve packaging

Be it manual, semi-automatic or automatic, we implement the right sleeving solution to suit your production process. Whether you have selected stretch or shrink sleeve packaging, we have a range of technical solutions and services to make it easy to apply.

We can help you choose the right sleeving technique for your products and logistics:

  • technical advice to help you select machines
  • suitable applicator suggestions
  • shrink or stretch sleeve packaging application services

Understand how to apply your stretch sleeve

To better understand the sleeving options we offer, the following application methods are used for each technology:

Stretch sleeve packaging

Manual application

Manual application can be carried out with or without machines. The choice depends on the amount of sleeve packaging to be applied and the required rate.

Semi-automatic application

Human-machine collaboration makes application easier: the machine stretches the sleeve to make it easier to insert your product.

Automatic application

  • Application rates,
  • Integration with the filling line,
  • Machine specifications

Our expertise in stretch sleeve application means we can help you with the installation of shrink sleeve applicators. Specialized machine designers in France and Europe can provide exactly what you want

Shrink sleeves

Shrink sleeves are applied in two stages:

1. Application

Shrink sleeves can be applied manually (without machines) or automatically.

2. Shrinking

The sleeve packaging is shrunk mechanically: using heat, industrial blowers (small runs) or shrink tunnels (hot air or steam).