Environmental commitment

decomatic was the 131st French company to be ISO 14001 certified by AFAQ.

decomatic, designer of sleeve sleeves and sustainable packaging, takes environmental issues into consideration. This concern goes in particular through the control of our process, which has led us to the ISO 14001 certification ever since 1998, but also through the pursuit of a CSR approach (Corporate Social Responsibility).

Environmental commitment


decomatic followed its environmental approach by realizing its first carbon balance in 2009. Carbon balance is a method of accounting for greenhouse gas emissions. It allows a good assessment of direct emissions induced by our activity.

This periodical balance participates in the quantification of the ecological impact.

The complete integration of our printing process is realized by taking into account ambitious elimination processes such as COV rejections and aqueous rejections removal :

  • Use of watery based ink in the production line
  • Laser cleaning
  • Carbon balance
  • Fire retention basin taking wildlife into account
  • Installation of beehives, flowery fallow, insect hotel

decomatic has been certified ISO 14001 Environmental Management since September 1998.

Voir notre certificat 2019 ISO 9001-14001

The international norm ISO 14001 indicates the requirements related to an Environmental Management System (EMS) taking into account legistative requirements and informations related to signicative environmental impacts.


In 2019, decomatic obtained the Action Bourbre Responsible label once again thanks to its thermographic actions – energy saving and insulation.

BeE (Bourbre Entreprises Environnement) is a 1901 law association at the heart of environmental issues. By designing the “Responsible Bourbre Action” charter, it is working to unite and bring together companies in the Bourbre basin on the territory’s current challenges in terms of sustainable development.


Imprim’Vert Rhônes Alpes is an operation set up by the Chamber of Trades and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in partnership with the Patronal Syndicate of Printing and Graphic Communication, with the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Regional Council and with the ADEME.

The goal is identify printers assuring a good industrial special waste management and veryfying that CMR (Carcinogens Mutagens Reprotoxic) products are well valorized and eliminated in agregated centers.

Packaging développement durable


Innovative packaging created by decomatic are also designed to limitate their ecological footprint. For this reason, they answer to two major caracteristics:

They are designed with 85% biosourced polyethylene

All our printed labels and sleeves are 100% made of watery based ink (solvent-free printing)