Neck labels

Neck labels

Widely used in the gas or automotive sectors, neck labels for gas cylinders or lubricant products give you additional space to promote your brand or product.

Neck labels: a means of communication

Flexible neck labels are one of many packaging products which are specifically cut. Easy to apply and remove, they can be customized according to the information to be displayed, the needs of your distributors or the essential elements for your customers.

Neck labels can be printed and replaced effortlessly so your business can stay flexible. They can be used for markings or to identify your containers. You can also make them a communication or tracking tool. With all that space just for you you, the uses for neck labels are endless! Their large format means a lot of information can be stored.


Neck labels can be attached anywhere

Flexible and serrated to fit your containers, neck labels are ideal for large volume cylinders and drums such as gas cylinders. They can be as big or as small as you like and can contain all the essential information.

New at décomatic: ID-CLIP

Add clear and visual communications to your large industrial containers. ID-CLIP neck labels help you identify, connect and mark your bung packaging. They are suitable for:

  • Metal drums
  • Plastic drums

Their large format means they can be read without having to handle them which makes it easier to read information.

The ID’CLIP collar label, a free space for:

  • Mentionning your loyalty programs
  • Entering regulatory marking, ADR and CLP
  • Using a specific shape or cut to maximize the visual impact
  • Tracking your containers via Datamatrix, NFC or RFID

Neck labels on gas bottles

Adverse weather can damage the identification and regulatory markings on your gas cylinders. To ensure that neck labels stay in place we print on plastic and the cut is adapted to suit the unique shapes of the caps and connectors.

We offer several options for gas cylinder markings:

  • A detachable tab
  • QR codes
  • High mechanical resistance

Neck labels for propane or butane gas cylinders comply with the CLP Regulation, they include legal notices and the new classification.

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The technical specifications for neck labels

Neck labels can be adapted to suit the products to be identified. Available in PE, PP or PVC, they are easy to install, suitably rigid and fire resistant.

They can be printed

  • in very short runs with digital printing,
  • or in larger production runs with flexo printing.

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